Technical Specifications

Forbo Colorex install in FloridaPRODUCT OVERVIEW: Forbo ESD floor tiles are a premier, time tested solution for the primary grounding of personnel, chairs and carts in static control environments. Unlike many ESD Tiles Forbo Colorex is available in both static dissipative and the static conductive range of electrical resistance making it a perfect fit for a multitude of project conditions. Colorex is an excellent choice for controlling ESD in clean rooms, electronic or semi-conductor manufacturing, computer rooms, repair facilities or anywhere static sensitive product is being manufactured or utilized. Forbo's resilient tightly compacted composition features permanent conductivity. Unlike many ESD Vinyl Tiles Forbo Colorex doesn't flake break or degrade even in the harshest of environments. It's clean room compliant, DOP Free and offers excellent stain resistance to a variety of Chemicals typically found in a work environment.


ASTM F 970, Static Load Limit, 1,500 PSI

ASTM 150 / ANSI / ESD S7.1, Electrical Resistance, EL= Static Conductive 2.5 x 104 -1 x 106  / AS = Static Dissipative 1 x 106 - 108

FTMS 4046 (101c) 5,000 to 50 Volts, Static Decay, EL Static Conductive - < than 0.01 seconds / AS Static Dissipative < than 0.04 seconds.

Electrical Resistance: Conforms to criteria as set forth in NFPA 99, ASTM 150, ANSI ESD S20.20-2007

ASTM E-648 / NFPA 253, Critical Radiant Flux, Class 1

 ASTM E-662 / NFPA 258, Smoke Density, 450 or less

Tile Size and Packaging: 24.2" x 24.2" (61.5 cm x 61.5 cm). Supplied in Cartons containing 14 tiles each (56.81 square feet per carton)

Flexibility: Meets or exceeds Federal Specification SS-T-312B, Type III, Vinyl Tile.

Slip Resistance: Meets or exceeds Federal standards and A.D.A. recommendations of .6 for flat surfaces.

Dimensional Stability: Meets or exceeds Federal Specification SS-T-312B, Type III, Vinyl Tile.


Sulfuric Acid (Conc.) 95%, No effect

Sulfuric Acid (77%), no effect

Sulfuric Acid (5%), no effect

Nitric Acid (Conc.), Very Slight Surface Attack

Hydrochloric Acid (Conc.), no effect

Nitric Acid (5%), no effect

Hydrochloric Acid (5%), Very Slight Dulling

Acetic Acid (Conc.), no effect

Sodium Hydroxide (50%), no effect

Acetic Acid (5%), no effect

Ammonium Hydroxide (28%), no effect

Methyl Alcohol, no effect

Ethyl Alcohol, no effect

Butyl Alcohol, no effect

Phenol, very slight surface attack

Benzene, no effect

Xylene, no effect

Cresol, very slight surface attack

Gasoline, Mineral Oil, Vegetable Oil, no effect

Chloroform, no effect

Carbon Tetrachloride, no effect

Trichloroethylene, no effect

Acetone, no effect

Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Slight Surface dulling

Amyl Acetate, Ethyl Acetate, no effect

Silver Nitrate (40%), Slight Brown stain

Ethyl Ether, no effect

Formaldehyde (40%), no effect

Iodine, Yellow Stain

*Most stains may be removed by light sanding



EC 250201, SD 150201, Colorex Everest
SD 150201
EC 250201

  EC 250205, SD 150205, Adula
EC 250205
SD 150205

  colorex SD 150213, ec 250213, Sahara
SD 150213
EC 250213

  Forbo Colorex SD 150206, ec 250206, Moonstone
SD 150206
EC 250206

Forbo ESD Tile Color SD 150222, EC 250222, Niagara
SD 150222
EC 250222

  Forbo Colorex Tile Color SD 150234, EC 250234, Twilight
SD 150234
EC 250234

  Colorex Color SD 150207, EC 250207, Quartz
SD 150207
EC 250207

  SD 150223, EC 250223, Atlantic color by Forbo Colorex
SD 150223
EC 250223

Colorex Forbo Color SD 150204, EC 250204, Montblanc
SD 150204
EC 250204

  Forbo ESD Tile Color: SD 150204, EC 250240, Etna
SD 150240
EC 250240


PN: Forbo Colorex


United Static Control Products Inc

Approved: SRC






February  2018