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ST-010 Specifications and Installation

AEI ESD Constant monitor, single user, single wrist strap

Note: 110/120 Volt USA style 3 prong power plugs standard.

220 V overseas units available for any country. Please contact us for pricing on units going overseas.



(h.w.d.) - .9"x1.75"x1.25"


screw mount

Fault Condition

Greater than 10 Meg Ohm


115 VAC, 60 Hz (3 prong) Power Pack standard, 220 Volt overseas units avaiable

Visual Alarm

Dual Color LED Indicators:   Green = Safe, Red = Fault

Audio Alarm

Piezo Buzzer


Automatic, Unit is activated when operator plugs wrist strap connector into jack.


AEI 010 constant monitor, sigle user, single wrist strap connection diagram


1. Mount the AEI-ST010 in a convenient place on the workbench using the screws supplied with the unit or the optional mounting bracket.  The units are frequently mounted on the underside of the workbench to keep them out of the way.

 2. Plug the power adaptor into the ST-010 and into a grounded outlet.  The LED should turn red and the buzzer should sound.  The ground in the outlet is an important part of the system and should also be connected to the ESD common point ground.  The outlet and the common point ground can be located at any convenient place on the workbench.

 3. Plug a wrist strap into the front of the unit and put it on.  The OPERATOR LED should turn green.  If it doesn't, touch the wrist strap to the common point ground.  If the OPERATOR LED turns green then the wrist strap was not making good contact with the Operators wrist.

Note: A calibration / test unit is available for the ST-010.  This unit allows the testing of the constant monitors on a "user defined" frequency. The Test Box may be sent back to use on a yearly basis for recertification thus negating the need to take the constant monitors out of service. This recertification may be purchased thru our shopping cart. click here - please follow the directions and thank you for visiting United SCP.


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