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Conductile and Statmate Color Selection

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VPI 10, Black Ice

US 10* Black Ice

VPI White ESD Tile

US 2* White

VPI ESD Color 21, Rain Forest

US 21* Rain Forest

VPI conductile color 30, Eggplant

US 30* Eggplant

VPI Statmate color 16, Cloud

US16* Cloud

VPI Statmate color 17, Platinum

US 17* Platinum

VPI color 152, winter white ESD tile

US 152* Winter White

Statmate color 153, Bone

US 153* Bone

Color 9, Glacier VPI ESD tile

US 9* Glacier

VPI color 92, Patriot ESD Tile

US 92* Patriot

VPI color 93, Storm conductile or statmat

US 93* Storm


*No Minimums in 12" x 12"

VPI is also available in 24" and 36" sizes on a special order basis with minimums.

Special orders are non refundable. Pre Grooved versions of all tiles are also available for heat welding.


24 x 24 = 80 carton minimum.

36 x 36 = 62 carton minimum.

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